EN HIZLI TIRNAK UZATAN YÖNTEM | EL VE TIRNAK BAKIMI | nail extension | Merak Edilenler

EN HIZLI TIRNAK UZATAN YÖNTEM | EL VE TIRNAK BAKIMI | nail extension | Merak Edilenler

Hello everyone, Welcome to the channel In this video, you can use both hand care in nail care
I will give you a great recipe that you can use. Late if your nails break quickly
This recipe will be very useful for you. your nails after applying this recipe
you will realize that it is really incredibly fast Your nails are fast
even if it is growing, if you use nail polish constantly your nail health is negatively affected So your old nail needs to be renewed. In addition, this recipe is more of your nails
to a healthier and more difficultly broken structure will help you have more and more
will make it look white. Now we will make this mask soon,
you can also apply it to your hands For the hand, there is another benefit of your hand.
makes him look younger, tense It prevents the formation of wrinkles in your hands. In short, this mask is for your hand or
if you want for your nails you can use it for both. Let’s go to the making of our mask without extending the word
then I will talk about how it should be applied We will use in the care cure
all of the ingredients are very useful products for nail and hand care Ingredients we will use 1 teaspoon of coconut oil a few drops of aloe
vera oil or aloe vera gel But the oil is more effective A few drops of Sweet almond oil and orange juice If there is no orange, lemon juice in your home
You can use C in Orange and Lemon Juice
vitamin triggers collagen production and keeps your nails healthy. Nail growth in orange juice
Folic acid is vital for. So you should definitely use this material Another one we should definitely use
the material is coconut oil Coconut oil for your nails
to keep it strong and healthy contains the necessary nutrients. Coconut oil nails
nourishes, provides the moisture it needs, and ensures its strength. It is also very important in the rapid growth of nails
effective coconut oil It also strengthens the skin around the nail. It is also very useful for your hand Even if we don’t have two other materials,
we will benefit even if we mix and care but aloe vera oil and sweet
effect increases when we add almond oil Now we are going to build the cure I add sweet almond oil into the orange juice, a few drops likewise I add a few drops of aloe vera oil If you have aloe vera plant at home, do it yourself
you can prepare aloe vera oil I don’t have any homemade Aloe vera oil right now
I bought it ready for use a video about making aloe vera oil
I also add to the end of the video on my channel If you want to watch from there By the way, a teaspoon of coconut
I added oil and mix all the ingredients our care mask is ready
We need to keep our nails in the mixture for a few minutes In this way, it is enough to hold your nails for about 3 minutes. then with warm water
You should rinse Also mix this mixture on your hand
you can make your hand more tense by applying This way you can prevent wrinkles 1 minute if you will use the mixture on your hand
just wait until do not wait for as long as your nails then warm
rinse well with water wash thoroughly Those who try this mixture and benefit it comment
I would be very happy if they write You can also find the things you wonder about in the comments section.
You can ask we came to the end of another video in a new video
take care to meet you

Author: Matthew Machuca

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