GROW LONGER HAIR WITH THIS! DIY Fenugreek Scalp Stimulant

GROW LONGER HAIR WITH THIS! DIY Fenugreek Scalp Stimulant

Hi, beautiful people! Welcome back to my Youtube
channel. Today, I’m sharing a simple DIY hair and scalp
treatment that’s been helping me grow healthy, longer, stronger hair. So, if you’re interested in keep watching! But before we dive in if you’re into all things
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if you found this video helpful. Alright, let’s jump into this tutorial. First thing that I’m going to do is put on
some gloves so we can keep things nice and clean. The first ingredient that we’re going to need
is 1/3 a cup of fenugreek seeds. Now, fenugreek seeds are awesome ayurvedic
ingredients that basically promote hair growth and strengthen your hair from within. It’s high in protein and nicotinic acid, which
helps with hair shedding, thinning, and balding. It also helps eliminate dandruff. It also helps impart moisture, and honestly,
the benefits are countless. I get mine from Amazon. I’ll drop a link down below. The next thing that I’m going to add to this
concoction is H20 because guess what we need a liquid base for this concoction and what
better thing to use than water. The next thing that I’m going to add to this
concoction is 2/3 a cup of aloe vera juice. Now, y’all know I love love love aloe vera
juice because it has excellent healing properties. It helps with skin cell turnover. It helps with repairing your skin cells on
your scalp. It helps with moisturizing your hair and scalp. It prevents dandruff, as well. It just basically keeps…It basically creates
a nice healthy environment for growth and moisture retention. The next thing I’m going to add to this concoction
is 1/3 a cup of rose water. Now, rose water is awesome because it has
antioxidants, which help with cell regeneration. It stabilizes your hair’s ph level, which
is another thing that helps with creating the perfect environment for hair growth. It stimulates your hair follicles. It’s just another one of those miracle liquids. Finally, I’m going to add some drops of peppermint
oil. Now, you know, I overdo it all the time, so
I’m adding basically a million drops to this concoction because peppermint oil is the only
essential oil that is proven to promote hair growth, so I went ham wit my peppermint oil. Then you want to shake it up so that everything
is properly mixed and then put it in your refrigerator for 24 hours. Now, I want to give you guys a disclaimer
that I kind of messed up here and left my concoction sitting for a solid three days,
which is why my seeds basically absorbed a lot of the liquid. I’m going to warn you guys against that because
if you left it sit over 24 hours, your seeds will absorb a lot of the liquid and the nutrients,
but – well, I shouldn’t say the nutrients. It’ll absorb a lot of the liquid, um, which
gives you less to work with. So yeah, here I am now separating the liquid
from the seeds. I will use a knee-high sock to basically separate
the seeds from the liquid. Because I said I left it in too long, so the
seeds absorbed a lot of that liquid. So yeah, that’s what I’m doing right now. The struggle is real here. I mean, I wanted to get as much as this liquid
as I possibly could because it is just so beneficial for hair growth. So yeah, I’m separating it as much as I can
by squeezing the knee-high, and then I’ll just pour the rest of it into my spray bottle
here. The next thing that I’ll add is MSM powder
because, as you know, MSM powder is…Well, you might not know this, as you may or may
not know, it’s basically helpful with promoting hair growth. If you look at a lot of your hair growth serums,
they actually contain sulfur because sulfur is one of those things that help with promoting
hair growth. So, that’s why I added MSM to this concoction. The next thing I’m going to add is peppermint
oil – a little bit more peppermint oil because I had to add more aloe vera juice to this
because I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of liquid I had in my spray bottle. So, I just added more aloe vera and more peppermint
oil to essentially give me more to work with, so this spray lasted for more than just a
week. So yeah, that’s what I did here. I’m shaking it up, so it’s pretty much ready
for use. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you found this helpful, go ahead and give
it a thumbs up and also share it. In my next video, I’ll probably show you guys
how I use this. So yeah, I’ll see you guys in the next one

Author: Matthew Machuca

4 thoughts on “GROW LONGER HAIR WITH THIS! DIY Fenugreek Scalp Stimulant

  1. Over here feeling like I’m in chemistry class!! Thank you for showing us what to do if the seeds absorb too much liquid bc you KNOW the same thing will happen to a lot of us! The last time I used fenugreek was to increase my milk production 🤣🤪🤪 but I believe this works and your hair is thriving girl!

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